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We serve Traditional Home  Style Cooking, 
Check out our menu page.
All our baked goods are made from scratch 
and are made right at the restaurant.

WedgeWing Family Restaurant & Bakery is owned and operated by Daniel & Sarah Ann Wengerd. We were born and raised Amish but left the culture with our four children in 2005. We now (2013) have 5 children ranging from 7 to 15 years old. 

   Sarah loved to bake and cook from a young age. Her Amish mom baked for Krogers and 

other stores when Sarah was in her teens. She was one of her moms main bakers from the age of 15.   After leaving the Amish culture she started baking out of the kitchen using her moms recipes . She was also supervisor in Der Dutchman Restaurant bakery for a long period of time, that is where she learned to decorate cakes. She was decorating all of their wedding and birthday cakes by the time she left. 
  With our "kitchen" bakery out growing our house turning our home into a business we decided we need to start our own restaurant and bakery. So when the Restaurant in Perrysville, OH. came up for sale the timing was right, and the place was right, since we are small town country people. 
  With Sarah's baking and cooking skills, my business skills and our delicious homemade recipes we hope to serve Perrysville and surrounding community for years to come. We appreciate all of your support.

We are about Family, extended beyond our family!
Come join us, everyone is welcome!!

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2008 Mom Katie baking.jpg

Sarah and daughter Katie

baking out of kitchen 2008.

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